Domaine les Grandes Vignes

Domaine les Grandes Vignes  is situated in the pleasant Loire Valley village of Roche Aubry which is close to Thouarcé and hence in the heart of the Anjou wine appellation.

Here they tend their vines biodynamically which is a big ask for an estate that covers 55 hectares! However sheep and goats graze on the grass growing between the vines, helping to fertilise the soil as they go. The plowing is done with horses and all the grapes are picked by hand. They are certified by AB and by Demeter.

They make all their white wines from Chenin Blanc and their reds exclusively from Cabernet Franc. Their rosé varies depending on the year and the requirements of the appellations (there is a special appellation for rosé wines in the Anjou area).

Domaine les Grandes Vignes Bulles Nature Rosé

This a totally natural sparkling wine (the word 'nature' can only appear on a wine label in France if the wine adheres to the strictest conditions) made with only one fermentation in the bottle. This method is known in France as Methode Ancestrale.

The grapes have never been sprayed, the wine hasn't been fined or filtered and the fermentation was with natural yeasts.

The soil here is clay and gravel with some shale. The grapes are sourced from two vineyards, La Butte at Faveraye-Machelles which was planted in 2008 and la Noue at the nearby village of Thouarcé.

They are planted to both Groslot Noir and Groslot Gris.


Domaine les Grandes Vignes Pin'eau de la Loire 2014

This white, still, slightly sweet wine is made from 100% Chenin Blanc which also goes by the name of Pineau de la Loire locally.

The vines grow on flat vineyards in clay and gravel soils with some shale providing additional minerality.

We have been lucky enough to walk through this vineyard to inspect the incredibly healthy grapes and to see the care with which the vines have been managed.

The biodynamic approach to vineyard management really shines through in the Domaine Les Grandes Vignes vineyards with healthy vines producing grapes with intense flavour.

This is a pleasantly sweet wine with 32 grams of residual sugar.

RRP: $41

Domaine les Grandes Vignes Vin de France Cabernet Breton 2015

Breton is the local name in the Anjou region given to Cabernet Franc which thrives in the area just south of the city of Angers and west towards Chinon and Saumur.

The Cabernet Franc for this wine grows in light, sandy soil studded with limestone rocks which provide the minerality which is evident in the wine. The name of the parcel where the vines grow is Champ du Moulin. The vines were planted here in 1955.

After manual harvesting in small crates, the grapes were destemmed and  left to macerate for two days before pressing. The wine was fermented then matured for six months in used barriques.

RRP: $41

Domaine Les Grandes Vignes Groslot 2014 Rosé

This is a slightly sweet rose made from the Grolleau (Groslot) grape variety that is nurtured in the western sector of the Loire Valley. It matches perfectly with berry desserts, ice cream and even charcuterie.


Domaine les Grandes Vignes Anjou Rouge l'Aubiniae 2015

This is an entry level red wine for Domaine les Grandes Vignes, however it shows all the great characteristics of the Cabernet Franc grape variety. The vines are around 20 years old and the soils are derived from schist and clay.

This wine underwent a short (3 day) maceration on skins before being transferred to oak barrels that were three years old to ferment and mature. The wine was bottled without filtering or fining and without any added sulphur.

The nose gives hints of red fruits, there is a lovely mouth-feel which finishes with fine tannins. Very low alcohol at 11%.

This is a great introductory wine at this price.

RRP: $42

Domaine les Grandes Vignes Vin de France Et ce Terra Amphore Blanc 2014

Les Grandes Vignes never rest on their many laurels. Even though they currently produce a range of beautifully crisp, flavoursome Chenin Blanc wines they decided to explore the possibilities offered by amphorae in maturing this wine.

So, they fermented the wine in barriques and then transferred the juice to amphorae for maturation.

This is a beautiful wine demonstrating depth and complexity.

RRP: $100





Tasmanian Licence No: 58292


Under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 it is an offence:

for alcohol to be delivered to a person under the age of 18 years.

Penalty: Fine not exceeding 20 penalty units ($3,080 as at, July 2015)

for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase liquor.

Penalty: Fine not exceeding 10 penalty units ($1,540 as at, July 2015)