Arnaud & Malou Greiner

Arnaud Greiner is a talented and passionate young man who has been working for other Jura producers for many years. He has also been making his own wine and has just made his first commercial release. We are delighted that he has agreed to supply us with some of his miniscule production. More details very soon…

Arnaud is certified organic by Ecocert.


The wine labels are designed by the delightful Cecile Mouget who also acts as the translator for us.


Arnaud & Malou Greiner Vin de France La Sortie de Route 2016

This lovely white wine is made from Chardonnay that was matured in large 600 litre barrels.

Arnaud & Malou Greiner Vin de France La Cart'ouche 2016


Arnaud & Malou Greiner Vin de France Vieilles Gallines 2015

This wine is made from old vine Melon le Queue Rouge - hence the name. This wine is very fresh, yet very complex and rich and is a perfect match for a wide range of foods - in fact we often order a bottle of this variety and drink it right through a meal. It was matured in old barrels and then moved to a fibreglass tank to allow the solids to settle, thus avoiding the need to fine or filter the wine.

Arnaud & Malou Greiner Vin de France Lavenard 2015

The vines from which the Savagnin grapes for this wines were picked thrive in limestone soils that are responsible for the saline qualities exhibited by this wine. It has spent almost 2 years in old barrels before bottling.