Living Wines Articles

Here at Living Wines we love to write articles to explain our philosophy regarding the natural wines we import. We also like to address interesting questions relating to winemaking, vineyard management and the matching of food and wine.

We encourage you to read these articles and to share them with others but would ask that if you quote these articles that you acknowledge their source and provide a link if possible.

The Natural Wine Movement

This article was written by Sue Dyson and Roger McShane in mid-2009 so is a little dated, however the discussion of what is a natural wine still remains as valid as the day the article was written.

A new look at terroir

Everyone talks about the terroir they detect in wines, but the definition of terroir has been very limited. In this article we look at the current definition and then expand it to include the living things in the vineyard and in the soil which have as much effect on the finished wine as the climate and the soils.

Minerality in wine - Part 1

What does the term minerality mean and how is it exhibited in wines? Are there really minerals in the wine or is it just a perception? The article also discusses the fifteen essential elements required for the health of vines and how they are absorbed by the vines.

Minerality in wine - Part 2

This article is an extension of the previous one and addresses the vital role that mycorrhizal fungi play in the absorbtion of essential elements from the soil by vines.

Food and Wine Matching

A look at some of the factors which cause a wine to match to certain dishes by examining the role of molecules such as terpenes and why a Pinot Noir from Burgundy is a good match with strawberries!

Just add oxygen - Reflections on the allure of oxidative wines

Some reflections on oxidative wines such as the white wines and yellow wines of the Jura and why they have become so popular.

What to drink with Asian food?

This article discusses food and wine matching and challenges some of the blindly accepted beliefs such as pairing Asian food with Alsace rieslings. Rather it suggests that Jura oxidative whites are a much better match.

Fermentation of wine

An article providing some of the reasons why we prefer wines that have been fermented with naturally occurring yeasts and why we think that using commercial yeasts masks the terroir and acts as an additive to the wine.

Sulphur and natural wines

A discussion about the use of sulphites in wine.

History of natural wine

An alternative view about the history of natural wine - the term has been around longer than you think!

Aromas and flavours in wine: Part 1

This is an article we wrote to explain the complex processes that occur when we smell a wine and how the brain constructs an aroma based on learned experiences. It also shows why different people smell different aromas in the same wine.